I capture joy in the raw moments of life. It's my joy to capture what God brings out best in you. I'm an avid Christian and you can label me as a Jesus Freak. This is the window to my heart to tell what I really enjoy. There are many ways to use photography as an escape, a way to leave this world, but I like to use it as a way to enter this world through a new set of eyes. My lens is my eyes and my shutter is how I capture it. I love to make people happy and if by taking their picture I can bring their raw beauty to their eyes, that is what I love to do.

I use the word love to explain my joy. Joy, love, and happiness are three words to use what my camera brings out. I love to act professional but there is a side to me that wants to goof around and take candid pictures. Capturing the regularity of life without idolizing it helps me to realize not to edit too much, take away blemishes, or add extra beauty. Bringing out rawness is what I love to do. Life isn't perfect and my life certainly isn't either. I am just as broken as you but Jesus makes me whole. And that is what makes me renewed.