I am thrilled that you are interested in my pictures! I love to shoot in natural light in the outdoors. I love nature and I can either incorporate it or do a more urban shoot. Either one is great, depending on your personal style!

For all of you who are interested in having your pictures taken, here is the layout of the day and most of the details.

Before hand, I will email you about when you are available and I will give you a set of dates that I'm available or I'll tell you that I am currently booked and give you an approximation. After that, we will have planned a date.

We will meet you at the location, take pictures, and then I will edit the pictures and get them back to you after about 2 weeks!

Portrait Photography: $85 a shoot (excluding senior portraits)
     You will receive about 40 pictures through

Groups of Friends:
2 people-$90
3 people-$130

Seniors: $100 for one hour of shooting
    You will receive 40-45 pictures through

Couples/Engagements: $125 for one hour of shooting, 45-50 pictures

Weddings: I am currently interning a photographer and I work well with second shootings.

Mini-shoots/holiday shoots: 20-25 minutes of shooting, about 15 pictures. $60

Contact me for more information prices by
email (
phone (253-777-9628)
facebook (Kelsey Arkills)
or twitter/instagram (@kelseyarkills)

Downloading your pictures:
I put all of my pictures on and you can download them for free there, without the watermark on them :)

Once you get to the site you have to click “+” if you are on a phone, and then it may ask you to make an account to download the pictures. After that, you should be able to download them and do what you want from there! If you are on a computer, click the little download button on the top right of your screen (it’s the second button) and then you can choose if you want to download all or download individual ones. Then you will be able to make an account and you should be good from there!

P.S. If you feel awkward in front of a camera, don't worry. I will tell you exactly how to move and place yourself so you feel comfortable!

I'm so excited to be working with you!