here are some questions i get asked frequently, and here are your long-awaited answers!

what interests you in photography?
i love the thought of capturing a moment in a way that is pleasing to the eye. when I do a shoot and show the client their pictures, their eyes light up and realize their own beauty. all of this gift I have, I give credit to God to. he's the real star here.

how to you get inspiration?
Through a lot of trial + error, I realized that you can't just get inspiration. Inspiration will come to you. Whether it be a cool sign for a store downtown, a passerby with the cutest scarf, or even your dinner, inspiration can come in any form. You just have to figure out how to use it.

do you edit ALL of your pictures?
Most of them, yes. But the trick for great pictures is not to edit them, but to take them with the thought that you can't edit them. I try not to edit my pictures because, frankly, pictures look better without loads of editing. Maybe adjusting the exposure, adding some blacks, and that's okay.

when did you start blogging?
i started to blog in November of 2010. my very first post was "one stop christmas," but I have been experimenting with cameras since I can remember. I've loved the thought of composing a shot and trying to be creative though the lens.

where do you take your shoots?
I love outdoor locations. For weddings and other maternity, newborn, etc, sometimes I shoot inside but other than that I love going outside and experimenting with light, whether it be with golden hour and golden light, or early morning overcast light.

what camera do you use?
I have two cameras. My primary camera is the Canon t6i, EOS Rebel, which I just purchased and I love it. I shoot with that for most of my photos, with the 18-55mm lens and the 55-250mm lens. My secondary camera is the Nikon D3100, with the 18-55mm lens, and the 55-200mm lens, as well as a film lens. I love both but the Canon definitely works very well with a very high resolution. I'm not biased to Nikon or Canon since both work great!